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Proposed Terminal Enhancement Project Key Components:

  • Rail Yard - Switch adjustments and track extensions allowing the receiving and unloading of a 112 car unit train. This will also facilitate better movement to and through the rail car dumper. Addition of extra trackage to allow for more on-site rail car storage (112 cars). Current storage capacity is 90 cars.

  • Rail Car Dumper - Retrofit current dumper with new gravity hopper and construct a new railcar dumper building complete with dust mitigation, control and collection.

  • Conveying Systems - Install covered conveying systems, with inbound rates at 1,500 tonnes per hour and outbound rates at 2,000 tonnes per hour (includes outbound weighing).

  • Storage - Construct 48 - 3,400 tonne capacity silos and 8 - 1,000 tonne capacity silos (all gravity drain), with a capacity of 171,200 tonnes of storage.

  • Shiploader - Install new travelling shiploader to more efficiently load products, to accommodate Panamax vessels, and to minimize dust emissions.

  • Site Infrastructure - Upgrade electrical, water and storm systems.

  • Demolition - Removal of ‘woodchip only’ handling equipment (5 reclaims, 4 conveyors) wood retaining walls, roll over dumper and portions of the rail dumper buildings.

Construction Works & Schedule:

    Our goal is to keep our neighbours informed and minimize disruption for nearby residents and businesses. During construction, we would keep our Project website updated with current information about construction progress.

    Large deliveries would arrive by barge, to avoid impacts on local road traffic. Some smaller deliveries would access our site by road using designated truck routes. We anticipate that all construction staging, including deliveries and assembly would take place within Fibreco’s property.

    All efforts would be made to do this work during daytime hours. We would work with our construction contractors to ensure that noisy work is done during the day between Monday and Friday.

Milestone Date
Finalize preliminary design June- November 2015
Initiate discussions with Regulators August 2015
Pre-application meetings with Regulators August - November 2015
Submit (preliminary) permit application to District of North Vancouver November 2015
Submit (final) permit application to Regulators May 2017
Permits issued September 2017 (Tentative)
Detailed Design May 2017 - August 2017
Procurement September 2017
Construction October 2017 - March 2019
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